More Stats, Better Stats, Faster Stats: A Whole New Mobile Experience

If you’re like me, Stats is one of your most-visited screens in your WordPress app — we all want to know people are reading! Whether you use iOS or Android, the latest versions have Stat updates that bring you more useful data, faster. Updates to the layout, available statistics, and how they’re handled behind the scenes mean you can hone in what’s most important to you and to your site’s growth.

What’s new?

Mỗi khi trời chuyển mùa
Friday July 26, 2019

Tình yêu thường hiện diện Mỗi khi trời chuyển mùa Vô tình rơi nước mắt Thay cho giọt mưa thưa Nhưng trời đang nắng gắt Nên tình yêu thẫn thờ Lặng yên chờ hiu hắt Gió về, để làm thơ Tháng tư, em buồn tủi Dưới hoa đào nở tươi Anh không lên tiếng gọi […]

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All-new design

Thursday January 01, 1970

Stats got a facelift! The numbers are easier to read, easier to compare, and easier to track over time.

Thursday January 01, 1970

Customise your stats

Blogger who wants to keep an eye on your follower count, a business owner who wants a quick update on daily views? Insights Management lets you choose what stats to include so your at-a-glance updates include what’s most important to you. (This feature is only available on Android at the moment, and is coming soon to iOS.)

Zero in on time periods

Use the new dedicated date bar on the days, weeks, months and years tabs, to explore date ranges.

Stats at a glance

Your Insights tab is now optimised for quick updates so you can get key information about your site’s performance all on one screen.

How do I find this?

Update your app to the latest version. You can find them here, or in your Apple Store or Google Play. And that’s it! Head to Stats for any of your site for a new and improved analytics experience.

We understand how important stats are — we run websites, too! — so we’re always working to develop and improve them. We’d love to hear about your experience with the latest and greatest!